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calvatron® SX22 series

The SX corona pretreatment system is a high-end solution for processing premium products such as ultra-thin technical films and sensitive PE/PP foams for the automotive industry as well as other complex films.

The system can be configured in a wide range of ways and used for delivering single and double-sided treatments. The electrode width and gap can optionally be electronically adjusted at the operating panel and monitored online.

The system's open design and its many clever extra features, such as the quick roller locking system, make it extremely safe and quick to operate. The power output stage, high-voltage transformer and control (PLC) are fully integrated in the system. All of the system components are manufactured from high-quality materials (stainless steel and anodised aluminium). This effectively protects the system from damage and contamination with rust particles and other chemicals.
The SX series corona pretreatment system is very easy to operate and meets exacting safety standards, all of which make it a perfect choice for processing films.

In order to operate this system, you will also need one of our AA/AB series generators for generating the corona energy.

SX series advantages and applications:

  • Perfect for integration in co-extrusion lines such as for blown or flat film, as well as alternative extrusion and conversion processes
  • Precision corona treatments for cross-linked foams, protective, label and pharmaceutical films, as well as nonwoven, TPU, TPE and other films.
  • Special electrode layout to prevent pin-holing, back and overtreatment
  • Fully automatic electrode width adjustment in combination with calvatron® FLEX electrodes
  • calvatron® eGAP-smart - for fully automatic electrode gap adjustment
  • With MMI for easy integration in OEM machines – includes all key interfaces

Product data sheet (download)

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