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calvatron® plascotube

Corona activation treatment for the internal and external surfaces of plastic pipes and profiles

Our calvatron® plascotube systems are designed for treating plastic pipes with a diameter of between 90 - 1,600mm. The treatment is applied at the most effective point, which is inline between the extrusion and cut-off process. This saves an additional work step and increases the treatment’s effectiveness.

The calvatron® plascotube systems’ other special features include simultaneous internal and external surface treatments, the calvamas® realtime energy input quality monitor and infinitely variable electrode adjustment system for adjusting them for different pipe diameters.

calvatron® plascotube is currently being used, among other things, in PE/ PP casing pipe production, which requires the pipes to be treated internally for the insulation foam and externally for applying print.

calvatron® plascotube allows manufacturers to save valuable resources and is environmentally-friendly because it removes the need for chemical primers.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Effective and high-energy atmospheric corona discharge
  • Designed for INLINE integration, straight after the extruder
  • Suitable for diameters of between 90 - 1,600mm
  • Integrated online quality monitoring with calvamas® realtime
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Infinitely adjustable electrodes
  • Also suitable for treating both sides of angular profiles

Product data sheet (download)

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