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Increasing vehicle performance, longevity and aesthetics

Our corona and plasma technologies open a range of new possibilities for optimising surfaces in the automotive and transport industry. We use high-energy plasma to treat materials such as metals, plastics and composites to improve their surface properties.

This method has a number of advantages. Cleaning surfaces systematically removes impurities, particles and oil residues, which improves the adhesion of coatings, varnishes and adhesives. This is particularly important when manufacturing automotive components such as vehicle bodies, interior trims and panes.

Corona pretreatment for moulded parts

All moulded parts need unifom corona pretreatment. Our flexible chain electrodes make it possible to treat a wide range of different-shaped moulded parts, which enhances production control and ensures the quality of the end product. Our atmospheric-pressure plasma tunnel furthermore ensures that even large moulded parts can be easily treated on all sides. This saves a significant amount of time because there is no need to reconfigure the system for different parts, and hence increases production efficiency. Our innovative plasma jet is designed to treat moulded parts, profiles and pipes in hot and cold phases, which makes it possible to optimise the adhesive traits of every material.

Corona pretreatment for films and foams

Films and foams are both important safety products and considerably contribute to a product’s aesthetic appeal. Our automatic electrode width and gap adjustment system also effectively prevents pinholes, and thereby increases product quality. The efficiency of our CoronaFLEX electrodes furthermore reduces energy consumption.

kalwar corona and plasma technologies for the automotive industry.

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Better adhesion thanks to higher surface tension

Corona and plasma technologies are consequently effective methods for optimising surfaces in the automotive and transport industry. Thanks to increasing adhesion, wettability and surface quality, they also improve vehicle performance, longevity and aesthetics.

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