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The history of the kalwar group – innovative since 1965


The year Klaus Kalwar founded the company in his parents’ basement. Launch of the first treatment systems under the label “Korotron”.


The year the company moved to new premises in Künsebecker Weg, it was renamed Kalwar GmbH & Co. KG, and turned into a corporation.


Development of an ultrasonic aerosol generator for use in medical devices and for functionalisation.

Delivery of the first robot-controlled corona surface treatment system for treating moulded automotive parts.


Expansion of the company's premises and construction of a new production hall.


Successful registration of a patent for a film edge strip recycling system and subsequent launch under the brand name calvamat®.


Launch of the first corona treatment system for wide films (8 metres) with an online electrode gap measuring system.


The year kalwar CFTFUSIONS-TECHNIK GmbH was founded. Development of injection moulded part prototypes and technical service for corona pretreatment systems.


The year the company moved to its current 11,000-square metre premises in Gartnischer Weg in Halle Westfalen, which include a production hall and office building.


The year kalwar CIV INNOSERV GmbH was founded. Product development and sales of treatment systems for the moulded parts industry.


Industrialisation of kalwar's calvasol® technology. The revolutionary advancement of corona pretreatments for the functionalisation of surfaces by means of aerosols.


The year kalwar CSP SPEZIAL-PRODUKTE GmbH was founded. Development and service provision for pilot production products for sheets and objects.