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kalwar offers a synergy of innovation, efficiency and environmental protection


kalwar systems not only generate high-quality, perfect results, but also focus on ensuring efficient resource use – including energy, raw materials and time. kalwar’s calvatron® systems in particular have been designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Used in conjunction with other kalwar technologies for processing films, calvatron® systems will make a major contribution to creating material and energy-optimised processing lines.

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The number of patents a company registers is a strong indicator of its innovativeness. This is an area in which kalwar clearly stands out, and that’s above and beyond its pioneering role in the development of corona treatments. While kalwar already has a strong patent and property rights portfolio, it is also deeply committed to continuing its research and development work and to expand that portfolio.

Efficient use of resources

It is probably obvious that it is only a matter of time before the energy and materials that kalwar systems save more than outweigh the initial investment. And this is not just good news for your business, but also for the environment.

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