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for the food industry. From kalwar.

For greater safety, quality and sustainability.

Corona and plasma treatment of films significantly increases food packaging safety and quality. For one thing, they ensure that inks, labels and seals bond more effectively to surfaces, which minimises leaks and quality issues. They also contribute to extending food shelf life by eliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Since the food industry is also increasingly turning towards more environmentally-friendly solutions, kalwar systems also pave the way for using solvent-free composite films. This is because our patented Colam system makes it possible to join films without the use of adhesives. Used in conjunction with our calvasol® technology, this makes it possible to create surface properties like adhesion, release, antifog, antistatic and antimicrobial in a single process step. Both of these aspects are not only cost-efficient, but also make it significantly easier to recycle these films.

The efficiency of our CoronaFLEX electrodes furthermore means that the process requires very little energy. These systems are allowing kalwar to make an important contribution to sustainability in the food packaging industry and to reducing its impact on the environment.

Antifog – the result of a corona surface treatment

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