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calvasmart® SD11 series

The calvasmart® SD11 series has been specially designed for single-sided corona treatments for narrow web systems. The system is extremely easy to use while at the same time delivering utmost treatment precision.

The gap between the system's electrodes was given major consideration in its design and it includes many of the same features as kalwar’s high-end devices. This includes the FLEX electrodes, which – in addition to being very sturdy – also have an extremely wide performance spectrum. This ensures the production of an even and finely-adjustable corona discharge, particularly in the event of low energy transfer, which is perfect for sensitive surfaces and slow processing speeds.

The completely new extraction system not only ensures that the ozone is effectively extracted but simultaneously contributes to cleaning the web. This also makes the treatment electrodes virtually maintenance-free.

The system's quick-change system means that the FLEX electrodes can easily be changed for a ceramic system, such as for treating metal film, in a matter of minutes. This is extremely convenient, in particular when the majority of the goods being processed comprise polyolefin and non-conductive materials.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High-precision electrode guide for maintaining a consistent gap.
  • Straightforward film intake formed by moving electrode unit.
  • Electrode changer module for conductive and semi-conductive webs.
  • Compact design – optimised for attachment on one side of a machine
  • Optimised extraction unit for supporting web cleaning
  • Integrated rotation controller with quick-start function

Product data sheet (download)

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