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kalwar surface treatment solutions for the construction industry

Enhancing the surface adhesion of panels, pipes and profiles

Corona and plasma surface treatments significantly improve the surface adhesion properties of panels, pipes and profiles in the construction industry. This innovative technology increases surface energy, which makes coatings, inks and foams bond much more effectively.

It also ensures that panels can be coated evenly, which increases product quality and their range of potential uses. In pipes and profiles, it prevents coatings from lifting off and ensures that they perform reliably in a wide range of applications, including building construction and the automotive industry.

kalwar surface treatment solutions – from panels to pipes

kalwar solutions for every material thickness and diameter

The treatment of sheets involves the use of an open-jet electrode system that can be adjusted to the material's thickness and width. These systems can be used both inline and offline and are perfect for treating foams because the do not create any pinholes.

Our pipe treatment system treats both the internal and external surfaces of pipes. Thanks to its modern internal electrodes, it can be quickly and easily adjusted to any pipe diameter. These systems are also suitable for both inline and offline use.

Our innovative plasma jet is designed to treat moulded parts, profiles and pipes in hot and cold phases, which makes it possible to optimise the adhesive traits of every material.

The plasma tunnel makes it easy to treat large three-dimensional moulded parts under atmospheric pressure without any need to reconfigure the system for different parts, which generates significant production time-savings.

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kalwar solutions for the construction industry