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calvatron® HPL series

The HPL series is designed for inline corona treatments for sheet goods such as plastic, wood, fibre and composite sheets. The system is used, among other things,for treating the polystyrene sheets for refrigerators. The highly effective increase in adhesive bonding created by the process is maintained during the subsequent deep drawing process and makes it possible to apply insulation foam without the use of a primer.

The HPL series has also been systematically designed in line with kalwar's calvatron® EMBEDDED design approach to make sure that the device is compact and can be easily integrated into any production line. The control system is easy to use and service and ensures that the system is available >99%.

The HPL series is suitable for roll-to-sheet as well as sheet-to-sheet processes. kalwar also offers complete turnkey systems, such as sheet transfer systems, winding systems, cross cutters and also feed and delivery tables.

calvatron® HPL series at a glance:

  • Inline corona treatment system for sheets with a thickness of up to 15mm
  • The HPL series is the environmentally-friendly alternative to harmful primers
  • Perfect for most plastics made from PP, PS, PE, PC, PVC, HDP and composites
  • Compact and has a small footprint thanks to its unique calvatron®EMBEDDED design
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Also available as a complete turnkey production and handling system

Product data sheet (download)

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