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calvamat® material recycling: high-performance plastification unit

This plastification unit is one of kalwar's latest innovations and is designed to optimise extrusion machines. It features a newly developed direct drive and a heavy-duty screw bearing. Thanks to the fact that the forces generated in the unit are absorbed by the cylinder unit, it completely removes the need for an external gearbox system. This extruder cylinder and screw combo is equipped with a completely new generation of drive motor and can easily be integrated into a wide range of extruders from different manufacturers.

The unit's design completely removes the need for a number of key components that were previously essential in units with a conventional design, which also means that it is more compact and takes up less space in a production line. The optimised geometry of the worm and cylinder minimises maintenance and wear, in particular on the cylinder's inner faces and the screw channel, which leads to an increase in productivity.

kalwar has already successfully integrated this completely new technology into the production lines of leading plastic manufacturers and is a specialist for creating the connection bores on the main extruder. In addition to the above, we also provide user-optimised return systems for injecting plastics.

We are naturally also happy to design complete bespoke material recycling systems for our customers.

Get on board now and make kalwar's innovative advantage and know-how work for you and increase the productivity and cost-efficiency of your extrusion machines.

We are happy to help.

Product data sheet (download)

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