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calvatron ® AB series generator

This high-voltage generator is designed for generating corona energy for the calvatron treatment systems. The standard version’s modular design and small size make it perfect for integration into corona treatment systems. On request, the generator can also be housed inside a 19-inch housing.

The generator's IGBT power amplifiers make it extremely effective. These power amplifiers furthermore do not exhibit any wear.

The generator's standard version includes a potentiometer for adjusting the power and a gauge for displaying the voltage. The generator can be operated from the treatment system or the controls on the generator itself.

Optional remote control for calvatron® generators

Calvatron generators can also optionally be supplied with a remote control. This PLC control makes it possible to operate the generator easily and quickly. The integrated system diagnostic tool furthermore provides ongoing information about any errors. The automatic voltage regulator prevents the selected parameters from changing in the event of voltage fluctuations.

At the same time, information such as current, voltage and output can also be viewed on the touch panel. The generator can be configured for a number of different corona electrodes, which makes it possible to work with a wide range of product requirements. The generator can be finely adjusted (100 Watt) without any risk of disruptions to the discharge field over the electrode’s width.

The system also comes with a number of other useful features. This includes the option to save configuration data, i.e. to save all of the parameters available from the generator as a programme under a consecutive reference number.
This significantly reduces future set-up times.

The generator’s PROFI-BUS and ethernet interfaces can also be used to send data from the generator to a computer. This computer can also be used to control the generator.

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