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® plasma tunnel: a globally unique plasma system

Our calvapro® plasma tunnel is an extremely flexible surface treatment system and can be easily integrated into any production line. It is the first system that makes it possible to optimise 3D object surfaces without the need for any tools or re-configuring the system for different object sizes and shapes. Its modular design and user-friendly controls offer maximum flexibility while at the same time ensuring maximum process reliability. The system is designed around a plug & play approach and can therefore be quickly set up ready for use.

The plasma pretreatment is subsequently performed as part of the production process. The calvapro® plasma tunnel is perfect for processing high volumes of items and for processing items with changing geometries. All without the need for a vacuum, tools or handling systems. A surface activation system that couldn’t be easier to use.

calvapro® plasma tunnel systems are currently used for treating automotive interior trim such as panels, door trim, panelling and airbag covers, as well as in consumer packaging, and white and brown goods.

Advantages at a glance:

  • No need for any tools, handling systems or robots
  • Extremely easy to install both inline and offline
  • Suitable for treating virtually all plastic materials
  • Does not cause warpage because the plasma is cold
  • Short cycle times make it easy to process high volumes
  • Does not require any auxiliary materials like process gases or a vacuum
  • Efficient and acts on all sides of an object, including large 3D objects and parts
  • Highly energy-efficient, easy to operate and maintain
  • Removes the need for sorting bulk goods such as canisters, bottles or stoppers

Product data sheet (download)

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