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Adhesion and efficiency: corona and plasma in the printing sector

Printing and paper production involve a number of challenges that can be overcome with innovative solutions like corona and plasma treatments.

One of these challenges is to make inks and dyes effectively bond to different print materials. Modern printing technologies are constantly evolving and inadequate adhesion can lead to quality issues. This is an area where corona and plasma treatments can make a real difference. The use of an automatic electrode width and gap adjustment system can effectively eliminate a number of problems, including pinholes and ink-lift-off adhesion failures, which significantly increases print quality and reliability. At the same time, the efficiency of our CoronaFLEX electrodes also reduces energy consumption.

Compact system for single-sided corona treatments in the printing industry

The NX11-5 is perfect for integration in laminating, flexo and gravure printing systems, biaxial orientation extrusion systems and roll-to-roll conversion processes.

More about the NX11 series

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