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calvamas® VISIONcube – Innovative technology for quality assurance in production and lab facilities

Find out how our calvamas® VISIONcube is revolutionising the precision and efficiency of surface analyses.

Monitoring product quality during production and in lab facilities is crucial for ensuring consistency and premium-quality products. Our calvamas® VISIONcube is a groundbreaking new measuring system that has significantly advanced this field.

Precision surface analyses with calvamas® VISIONcube

calvamas® VISIONcube is a reliable and efficient optical measuring system that measures the wettability of a surface with a camera. How it works The measuring system uses a linear servo actuator to deposit a drop on the surface. It then uses software to calculate the number of pixels. This will yield information on the printable area and adhesion values of the surface.

In addition to the above, calvamas® VISIONcube will also determine the exact contact angle of the drop. This makes it possible to analyse the surface properties with great precision.

Other advantages:

  • 3D capture and meander analysis for detecting substrate surface errors early on.
  • Integration into calvatron® corona and plasma treatment systems makes it possible to adapt surface adhesion to relevant standards.
  • Perfect for incoming inspections of films and substrates.

The calvamas® VISIONcube measuring system paves the way for efficient and precision quality control in production and lab facilities. Its combination of surface analysis and plasma treatment are an effective means for assuring that products and materials meet the highest quality standards.

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