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calvatron® MX22 series

The MX22 is a double-sided treatment system for films. The open design means that the systems can be operated quickly and easily.
They are equipped with two carrier roller electrodes that move very freely and automatically move when the roller comes to a stop. The system’s user-friendly control unit furthermore makes it easy to operate. The system’s many functions can be selected from the control's display.

It comes with a central electrode gap adjustment unit that can be controlled with a handwheel. All of the system components that open, such as the transformer door, are controlled with a safety limit switch. The quick-change systems on the roller bearings mean that the carrier roller electrodes can be quickly and easily fitted and removed.

In order to operate this system, you will also need one of our AB series generators for generating the corona energy.

calvatron® MX series advantages:

  • A proven system for blown film manufacture
  • Can be supplied in modules, including with calvatron® FLEX electrodes available as a large-area or segment electrode
  • End stage can optionally be supplied in a calvatron® EMBEDDED design or as a stand-alone version
  • PLC control with touch panel; can also be directly controlled on the device
  • Easy to operate thanks to open design; film can be quickly and easily fed vertically through the system without any looping.
  • Automatic film alignment thanks to automatically aligning carrier electrodes
  • Includes all industrial interfaces
  • System availability of >99%
  • Highly energy-efficient

Product data sheet (download)

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