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Surfaces as created by nature. kalwar.

kalwar is at your service for the development of your products with bundled know-how from more than 50 years' experience. The innovative technological path that Klaus Kalwar chose in the mid-1950s is now in its second generation with the same enthusiasm for all issues surrounding material surface optimisation.

kalwar increases the surface adhesion of plastics

Plastics have become - since they finally began their triumphal course around the world in the first half of the 20th century - an indispensable part of our daily life.

The technology of refining plastic surfaces so that they can be used for specific purposes is just as fascinating as the practically unlimited applications of plastic itself. Company founder Klaus Kalwar is a global pioneer in this field.

Surface adhesion for further refinement can be optimally increased thanks to his ground-breaking development of the corona plasma process - with greater efficiency, flexibility, environmental-friendliness and cost-effectiveness than using conventional processes.

Since it was founded in 1965 in Halle in Westphalia Germany, kalwar has continually redeveloped the corona plasma technology, refining it again and again.

Today, kalwar is a specialist in international demand, who develops solutions for material surface treatment in cooperative partnerships with customers from diverse industries.

Under the umbrella of the kalwar group the CFT Fusionstechnik division specialises in processes to optimise two-dimensional materials, CIV Innoserv in three-dimensional moulds, and CSP Spezialprodukte in services, plus research and development.

Individual design is our standard

Our work is driven by the goal of systematically redeveloping the corona plasma technology and finding new applications for it. At the same time, it is a constant challenge for us to develop solutions on behalf of our customers for surface treatments offering characteristics that were not previously available.

We remain determined not just to offer a standard process with corresponding system, but rather the individual concept. Today, we are a global development partner to industry based on this philosophy.

Ultimately, you will be successful if you can convince the market with top-class product quality that utilises all the technical possibilities.

Our contribution is the perfect composition of industrially produced material surfaces. Speak to us about your requirements.

We're looking forward to it.