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Research & development

R & D is the foundation of our company. Along with our technologies, R&D is how we keep setting market trends and safeguard our location in Germany.

However, R&D not only relates to our own developments but, above all, to customer service. Thanks to our decades of experience and a well-established network of cooperative partners, we offer you active support for successful development of your products and are an expert partner to you for surface optimisation and product development.

Naturally, the close and open partnership is safeguarded by confidentiality agreements.

Project examples product development


The objective for a well-known automotive sub-supplier was to combine an electronic hybrid part from a PPS and aluminium pressure casting. The standards were very high, because the component was to be subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, had to withstand high pressures and was to be used in an altogether "rough" environment. We were able to optimise the adhesive by using our direct corona discharge on the surface of the PPS carrier, increasing adhesion by >80 % without using primers. Our technology helps to detect errors in isolation and, thus, can ensure that no faulty parts go into circulation during design development and also during later production. The development time is substantially reduced thanks to early and close cooperation between kalwar and the customer

Micro-injection moulding

The objective in this project was to treat defined areas of an injection moulded part and to apply a hydrophile coating with long-term adhesion. As the product was only to be treated in extremely limited places, we could not use low-pressure plasma. We were able to fulfil this objective 100 % by using our CORLAB system combined with the corona aerosols. the very close and open cooperation here also lead to the solution very quickly, substantially accelerating the development.

Your ideas and visions are our challenge.