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calvapro®plasmatunnel: Worldwide unique plasma- treatment system

The calvapro®plasmatunnel systems are especially designed for the flexible use. They can be integrated easily into production lines. Three-dimensional surface optimisation with flexible adjustment to diverse sizes and shapes is possible for the first time without the need of tools low pressure or system adjustments.

The modular design and simple control offer you high flexibility with optimum process security. The system operates on the "plug & play" principle, meaning it is ready for use straightaway. The plasma pretreatment is part of the continual process.

The calvapro®plasmatunnel is specially used when high lot sizes need to be treated inline and with high quality. Tools and handling systems are not neccessary. It's that simple.

The calvapro®plasmatunnel systems are used to treat automotive interior parts such as I-panels, door panels, center consoles or Airbag covers but also consumer packagings or white and brown goods.

The calvapro®plasmatunnel convinces:

  • No tools, robotics or programming required
  • Easy installation as well as inline and offline
  • Nearly every type of plastic material treatable
  • No material deformation possible; the plasma is cold
  • Little clock cycles enable high production rates
  • No process gases or vacuum necessary
  • Efficient three- dimensional activation also of big plastic parts
  • Low energy consumption and easy control
  • Bulk articles can be treated unsorted