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calvapro®plascotube: INLINE corona treatment for plastic pipes

The calvapro®plascotube is the most efficiant technology to increase the surface tensions on plastic pipes and tubes. The system is designed to be placed inline direct after the extrusion and the cut-off. This saves a complete further processing step and increases the effectiveness of the treatment effect.

The diameters of the plastic pipes can diversify from 90 up to 1.600mm. Furthermore it is possible to treat the inner and outer side of the pipes at the same time. And with the calvamas®realtime measuring tool it is possible to control the treatment effect online. The electrode can be adjusted stepless- free to the different pipe diameters.

calvapro®plascotube will be used for the treatment of PE/ PP jacket pipes to ensure the high bonding of insulating foam in the inside and the printing on the outside. This helps to protect the environment because there is no need for chemical primer anymore.

The advantages in a glance:

  • Effective and high energetic atmospheric corona discharge
  • INLINE installation directly downstream of the extrusion
  • Suitable for internal diameters from 90 to 1.600mm
  • Continously adjustable electrodes
  • integrated quality control system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Also suitable for square profiles