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calvapro®plascomized: Customized corona and plasma solutions

kalwar offers corona pretreatment plants under the calvapro®plascomized name for moulded parts of every kind for industrial applications to increase adhesion. These systems are available as special systems directly tailored to your product and can be equipped with a defined or undefined electrode system as required.

The combination of both systems is also possible. The advantages are optimum system integration and high adhesion with optimum process and quality security.

Cycle times less than 20 seconds combined with an unbeatable quality control thanks to calvamas®realtime are furthermore great benefits of the plascomized systems. This new developed measuring tool rates and journalises every single part during the treatment process. A very important criterion in the automotive and aeronautic production.

The systems are extremly compact and can be integrated either inline or offline.

The advantages in a glance:

  • Always the most efficiant and energy saving technology
  • Integrated quality control- zero defect monitoring
  • Combination of multiple corona and plasma methods
  • Possible integration into excisting processing machines
  • Specialised for complicated shapes e. g. instrument panels
  • Easy combination with robotics and handling systems
  • Short cycle times