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calvapro® plascojet: Effective and highly energetic Plasma

The calvapro®plascojet uses a high frequency remote discharge with the introduction of oxygen to produce an energetic, atmospheric plasma.

In the serial version the created plasma is "cold" which makes the system perfectly usable for "sensitive" surfaces. The system integration into production lines is very easy, safe and perfect for high production speeds.

The compact designed power supply is equiped with all necessary industrial interfaces and monitoring devices. Optional it can be ordered with a pre-selection programm for different plasma parameters. With this programm it is possible by example to change the plasma temperature, the energy level and bracing of the plasma field. 

The range of application of the calvapro®plascojet is nearly on all kind of surfaces where activation and fine cleaning is needed. Even conductive or difficult to activate materials such as PTFE or FEP can be be treated excellent with this system.

The advantages in a glance:

  • Effective and highly energetic Plasma
  • High dyn levels even at high production speeds
  • Various applications
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very low maintenance
  • System avaliability higher 99%
  • No polluting emissions