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Top-quality interiors create emotions.

Bare plastic does not.

The high-frequency, electrical, high-voltage discharge developed by kalwar has many applications - in addition to the car industry, in microelectronics, optics, aviation and pharmaceuticals. In principle, the corona plasma technology can be used for any type of three-dimensional material surface.

Corona and Plasma surface treatment systems for 3D shapes

Under the brand name calvapro® kalwar offers corona and plasma pretreatment plants for moulded parts of every kind for industrial applications. Three-dimensional surface optimisation with flexible adjustment to diverse sizes and shapes is possible for the first time with our new modular system.

The components in our systems are just as innovative as our technology and we also offer these as complete solutions. Microprocessor control, programmable switch processes, can bus and Ethernet interfaces, as well as integrated quality assurance systems with data recording, all ensure outstanding quality and high ease of use.

The corona plasma systems from kalwar combine new technological solutions into an overall service that impresses in every respect.

  • Production security / increasing product quality
  • Primer use not necessary
  • Low material wastage
  • Greater production capacity
  • Cheaper raw materials can be used
  • Save resources