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Bright-red tomatoes are enticing.

Misted film is not.

Corona plasma technology

The corona plasma technology developed by kalwar polarises the material surface using electrical discharge and ensures highly effective adhesive power. Material pretreated in this way facilitates excellent adhesive bonds, the application of coatings or colours and, depending on the area of use, diverse other refinements.

kalwar has become well-known across industry thanks to the development of the calvatron® systems for the application of corona plasma technology. More than 4,000 systems have now been installed - as standard equipment or as a customised, material and energy-optimised overall concept.

kalwar solves the antifog problem with the calvasol® process

The innovative calvasol® functionalisation systems are the consistent redevelopment of the calvatron® surface technology.

This system solves a problem, for example, which has previously been one of the biggest challenges for the packing industry: antifog.

The calvasol® process not only produces the necessary long-term adhesion, but also ensures that the packing films no longer mist up. Ultimately, it is the eye that buys and bright red tomatoes simply make a better argument.

New calvasol® functionalisations

The challanges creating new surface properties in combination with higher technical demand are growing. New functional formulations and  technical highlights have been integrated into the new "generation 5" calvasol® series.

A selection of film and sheet functionalisations which are actualise with calvasol®:

  • Hydrophilic functions on PET, BOPP, paper, nonwoven
  • Antifog on PET, PP, OPP
  • Antistatic on PET, PE foam, nonwoven
  • UV- primer on PET, BOPP, OPP, PE
  • Longterm surface adhesion on BOPP, OPP, PP, foam
  • Release on paper, CPP, PE


In nature no leaf is the same as another. It's just the same at kalwar.

A kalwar trademark: calvatron®. This term identifies the diverse kalwar range of systems for surface treatment. For almost all materials and shapes, two-dimensional composite materials of various thicknesses and sizes, and large moulded parts and hollow parts.

This means: calvatron® delivers the optimum problem solution for any surface, either as a standard system or a special model, developed in direct exchange with the customer. Also available: all the peripheral equipment, such as regulators, system controls and tools for quality assurance.

The other features of the calvatron® systems are just as advanced as the corona treatment itself. Remote controls with microprocessor control, programmable switching operations, CAN-BUS interfaces for data transfer and many more, all ensure short set-up times and high production security, combined with equally high ease of use.

Find out more about which calvatron® system is right for your requirements.