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calvatron® SX 22 series

The SX corona pretreatment system is the high-end solution for processing top products like the thinnest technical films, sensitive PE/PP foams for the automotive industry and other complex films.
The system's multiple settings facilitate single and double-sided treatment.
The electrode width and gap can be adjusted easily using the control panel if desired and can be monitored online.

The open design and many small, optimum technical solutions, such as the quick-release system for the rollers, facilitate fast and secure control of the system. Terminal output stage, high-voltage transformer and control (PLC) are fully integrated into the system. All system components are processed from top-quality (high-alloy, aluminium, anodised) materials. This prevents damage and contamination through surface rustand other chemical influences.
The SX corona pretreatment system is also easy to operate and very safe, completing the picture for perfect processing of films.

To operate this system you will also need one of our Generators of the AA/AB-Serie to produce the corona energy.