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calvatron® NX 11 series

The NX 11 is a high-performance treatment system for one-sided treatment of films for printing and laminating plants. Production speeds of over 1,000 m/min can be achieved with the special electrodes and the stable design. Terminal output stage, high-voltage transformer and control (PLC) are fully integrated into the system. A compact design made from high-alloyed and anodised material.

The convenient process controller with touchscreen panel also makes it easy to deal with the corona pretreatment station. An array of functions is shown on the display.

The standard equipment also includes a central electrode gap adjustment, which is controlled using a hand wheel.

All opening systems, such as the transformer door, are controlled via safety limit switches. Quick-change systems on the roller bearings facilitate fast and precise removal and installation of supporting roller electrodes.

The closed layout of the NX series is especially designed for the high quality treatment of phisical- and chemical meshed foams. The system is serial equipped with the unique calvatron®HUMISTOP system for a problem free production even under difficult environment conditions up to 99% humidity.

Also deliverable as an option is the full automatic working width- and treatment gap adjustment wich is easy and comfortable to controle from the touchpanel.

To operate this system you will also need a Generator unserer AA/AB-Serie  to produce the corona energy.

The advantages of the NX series in a glance:

  • Perfected corona treater for the printing-, laminating- and foam treatment as well for the Caast, OPP and BOPP film production.
  • Equipable with multiple electrode variations
  • calvatron®HUMISTOP design (option)
  • Serial calvatron®EMBEDDED design (max. 20 kW)
  • System power up to 100 kW
  • Working width up to 9.000mm
  • Distortion- free electrode suspension optional with automatic gap- and width adjustment
  • Supreme material and manufacturing quality
  • System availability up to 99%