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calvatron® MX 22 series

The MX 22 is a treatment system for double-sided treatment of films. The open design facilitates easy and fast control of the system.
The corona system is equipped with two supporting roller electrodes, which are smoothly bedded and relocate automatically when the rollers stop. A convenient process controller also makes it easy to deal with the corona pretreatment station. An array of functions is shown on the display.

The standard equipment also includes a central electrode gap adjustment, which is controlled using a hand wheel.

All opening systems, such as the transformer door, are controlled via safety limit switches. Quick-change systems on the roller bearings facilitate fast and precise removal and installation of supporting roller electrodes.
To operate this system you will also need a Generator of our AA/AB-series, to produce the corona energy.


The advantages of the MX series in a glance:

  • Proven treatment system especially in the blown film production
  • Modular consignable with calvatron®FLEX electrodes for holohedral- or segment corona treatment
  • The Generator is optional consignable in the calvatron®EMBEDDED design or as a "stand alone" system
  • PLC control with touchpanel; also direct at the corona treater possible
  • Easy operation and web feeding due to the open design. The film can be easy guided vertically through the treater without talking care of any enlacement
  • Automatic orientation of the film due to the controled swivel of the back-up electrodes
  • All industrial interfaces avaliable
  • Equipment availability higher 99%
  • Low energy consumption