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calvasmart® SD-11 series

The calvasmart® SD-11 series is especially designed for the one sided corona treatment in narrow web printing-, coating- or lamination lines. The system offers an unbeatable ease of use with the highest treatment performance at the same time.

The design is especially focused on the constant precision of the electrode gap and many features from kalwar's high end systems have been transfered, too.  For example the FLEX electrodes which are very robust but provide an enormous power spectrum at the same time. The electrodes ensure a smooth and even discharge field especially at low power input - optimal for sensitive substrates or low process speed.

The completely new devoloped ventilation design cares not only for the effective ozone evacuation but supports the web cleaning, also. Thus the electrodes are almost maintenance free.

A quick change system facilitate the change of the FLEX electrode to a ceramic system within minutes. For example to treat metallised films or aluminum. A very useful solution in case the production share of polyolefine- and non-conductive films is higher anyway.

The advantages of the SD-11 series in a glance:

  • High precision electrode guidance for constant electrode gap
  • Easy web-feed by deviation of the electrode unit
  • Electrode quick change module for conductive and semi-conductive material
  • Compact design - optimized for the one-sided flange connection at machine side frames
  • Optimized extraction to support the web cleaning and reduction of electrode contamination
  • Integrated rotation control with serial quick-start function