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CFT material recycling: optimised plasticating unit

kalwar has now developed a plasticating unit to optimise extrusion machines, which has a heavy-duty screw bearing in addition to a newly developed direct drive. By absorbing the produced forces in the cylinder unit, the extrusion technology is completely independent of external gear systems for the first time. The combination of extruder cylinder and screw is equipped with a completely new generation of motor drive and is easy to incorporate into diverse extruders from different manufacturers.

Important main components that were previously required for conventional units in this range are completely superfluous, which means size is optimised and you get a slim production line. Maintenance and wear are minimised by the optimised geometry of the screw and cylinder, particularly in the area of the cylinder internal surfaces and the screw, which increases productivity.

kalwar has already successfully integrated this completely new technology in part for some renowned plastics manufacturers and is a specialist in implementing connection bores on the main extruder. We also offer you user-oriented recoil systems for injecting plastics.

Naturally, we also offer individual complete solutions in the material recycling field.

Benefit from kalwar's innovative lead and know-how for greater productivity and cost optimisation in your machinery concepts in the extrusion field.

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