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Innovative technique for quality assurance in production and lab facilities

With the calvamas®VISIONcube, you have an efficient and reliable measurement system at your disposal, to optically determine the degree of wetting (BNG value) of a surface, using a camera. A linear servo actuator deposits a drop onto the surface and the special software uses the BNG value to determine the number of pixels. This method describes the printable area with the respective adhesion values.

High-tech – an overview:

  • Innovative technique for measuring surfaces at a glance
  • Quick, reliable quality assurance, both in the laboratory and in the production facility
  • Dependable checking of foils or substrates during incoming goods inspections
  • Dispenses with time-consuming processes and analyses
  • Minimises the use of resources; reduces production times

All information about the calvamas®VISIONcube measuring system can be found in the product data sheet.

Download product data sheet