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Interplay of innovation, economy and ecology

The advantages are in the nature of the thing.


A company's level of innovation can be seen in its number of patents. kalwar is clearly not just a pioneer in the corona treatment field. The company has an array of patents and copyrights. kalwar is not stopping at this: new ideas are constantly being developed and patented.


kalwar systems not only facilitate perfect qualitative results, but also the best possible economical management of resources, e.g. energy, raw materials and time. The kalwar engineers have developed the calvatron® systems specifically for this. Together with other process components, which are required for film processing, they make a material and energy-optimised overall concept from a calvatron® system.


You see, it is only a question of time when energy and material savings counterbalance investment in a calvatron® system. And this is not only positive for every company balance sheet, but also the environmental balance.

We would be happy to create a detailed cost-benefit analysis for you.